Considerations Before Towel Railings Installation

by:FLOS     2020-06-11
In case you did not know, a towel railing is a very important installation in your bathroom, and this is apart from the advantages offered by traditional towel holder. The main advantage they have over towel holders is their ability to keep your towels warm as you shower and they can come in different shapes and sizes - designer and traditional. Normally, towel railings are designed such that they can be placed as a piece of furniture in the bathroom, meaning they can be stand-alone structures in the bathroom. However, some designs can be fixed on the bathroom walls just like traditional towel holders, and these mostly save on the space consumed by the stand-alone type. How then do you install a heated towel railing for yourself? The following are the steps to follow 1. Determine the best location The best location for the installation of the towel railings is normally within reach of the bathtub, shower or sink. This enables you to experience the reason behind the design and discovery of the railings to keep you warm even after the shower. Installing the railings far away from the shower, bathtub or sink makes it difficult to enjoy the joys of heated towel railings. Therefore, before installing them, look for a place where the towel will not get any water and is close enough to reach it after you are done with the shower. 2. Determine the method of installation There are two methods of installation, these are: A� Cementing A� Drilling Cementing is done when installing tiles into a bathroom, mostly during renovations or constructions. The main advantage of installing the railing this way ensures that the radiator valve as part of the assembly becomes part of the bathroom ensemble. This installation last a long time but present a challenge when it comes to fixing the heated towel railings if they breakdown. Drilling on the other hand, involves the drilling of the railings into the walls of the bathroom; these installations unlike the cemented ones are semi-permanent and can be removed, replaced and repositioned anytime. After considering the above, which are important before the installation of the heated towel railings, you can do the installation by yourself if you have all the tools. However, if you are not conversant on the methods or tools you use for such a job, it is important to call a professional to make sure that the best results are guaranteed.
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