Common failure of the solenoid valve

by:FLOS     2020-05-29
Solenoid valve coil rated voltage DC12V, DC24V, AC24V (50/60Hz), AC110V (50/60Hz), AC220V (50/60Hz), AC380V (50/60Hz). Generally or in electrical design using AC220V (without the installation of switching power supply, low cost, simple lines and easy maintenance), or use DC24V (commonly used in the safety of voltage, switching power supply / electromagnetic valve coils are easy to repair and replacement). Detection of the solenoid valve is good or bad: give the solenoid valve through control of the media (with the pressure of the liquid, gas Common failure of the solenoid valve A coil short-circuit or open circuit: Detection methods: the first measured off with a multimeter, the resistance is close to zero or infinity, it means the coil short-circuit or open circuit. If you measure the resistance (probably tens of Europe), but also could not explain the coil must be good (I have the time measured by an electromagnetic valve coil resistance about 50 ohms, the solenoid valve not work, replace the coil as usual ), following the final test: to find a small screwdriver placed near the metal rod wear on the solenoid valve coil, and then to the solenoid valve power, if you feel there is a magnetic solenoid valve coil is good, otherwise it is bad . Approach: replace the solenoid valve coil. 2, plug / outlet: Fault phenomenon: If the solenoid valve is the kind of plug / socket may occur socket metal reeds (I met), the wiring plug (such as the power cord to the grounding line to go) and other reasons can not be power delivered to the coil. Best to develop a habit: the plug in the socket screw fixed on the coil after the spool rod retaining nut screwed on. If the solenoid valve coil plug is equipped with light-emitting diode power indicator, then the DC power to drive the solenoid valve when the line is necessary to access, otherwise the light does not. In addition, not to the different voltage levels with light-emitting diode power indicator power plug swap, this will cause the light-emitting diodes were burned / power (in other low voltage level of the plug) short circuit or light-emitting diode light-emitting very weak (F high voltage level of the plug). If you do not with power indicator, solenoid valve coil is no need to distinguish between the polar (not like the coil voltage DC transistor time relay coil parallel diode / resistor leakage circuit coil voltage of the DC intermediate relay need to distinguish the polarity). Approach: correct wiring errors, and repair or replace the plugs and sockets. 3 spool question: Fault phenomenon: the electromagnetic valve through the medium pressure is normal, red manual button press solenoid valve, solenoid valves do not have any reaction (pressure medium does not appear to change off), the spool must be bad. Solution: Check media problems, such as compressed air, whether there is a lot of water (sometimes oil-water separation from the role is not very big, especially when the piping of the poor design of compressed air through the solenoid valve will have a lot of plot water) through a liquid medium, whether there is a lot of impurities. And then clear water or impurities in the solenoid valve and piping. If not, please repair (If you have patience and if necessary) or replace spool, or simply replace the solenoid valve. Fault phenomenon: After checking, the coil is the wife coil and the coil is energized when magnetic solenoid valve still does not work (when the solenoid valve manually button function may be normal), indicating that the spool is bad. Approach: to repair or replace the spool, or simply to replace all of the solenoid valve. As for the maintenance of the solenoid valve body, because so many species, so many of the repair method I also say a lot, and not repeat them here.
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