Can You Sweat a Copper Ball Valve?

by:FLOS     2020-04-14
Modern industry has improved many industrial processes, as well as our daily life. There is no doubt that it is the great progress for the social development. Valves maybe have been used in many generally applications. For example, the water faucets indoors or outdoors are familiar to us. Definitely, they are regarded as gate valves. Despite of gate valves, ball valves are also popular at shutting off the flow. The affecting component is the spherical disc or ball with a hole in its center. It is definitely true that they can make contributions to many water lines. Thus, it is important to have some knowledge of the sweating process for a ball valve. We take a copper ball valve for example. We can do this task by ourselves if we want. But it should be mentioned that this mechanism should be placed in an accessible place in case the water supply must be turned off quickly. Since the task would be a little complex. But we can try it. It would do favors for us to learn about our houses better. For performing the process, it is necessary to do some preparations. The mechanical tools should be ready aside. They are the felt-tip pen, tape measure, tubing cutter, emery cloth, soldering paste, roll of solder, propane torch and rag. They may be available in our toolbox or in the nearby mechanical stores. Once prepared, the actual work begins. Firstly, shut off the main water supply and drain the pipes. Ensure the place to install the copper ball valve and make a mark. Find a place far from the mark in 1/4 inches and make the second mark. These two marks cooperate to ensure the proper position. Secondly, a blade is used to rotate 360 degrees around the pipes. Such helps to cut through the pipe for the installing of the required copper ball valve. The previous two marks help to find the correct position. Once cut, the attaching pipes should be sanded. It makes the following step smoother. A soldering paste, also called the flux, can be used to all sanded areas. Such affects well during the soldering operation. It leads to connection between the valve and ends of pipes tightly. When the required copper ball valve has been totally placed in the required and proper position, it is time to take the soldering process. Propane torch is used to heat all necessary mechanisms, including the end of the ball valve or pipe. But be cautious not to touch any flammable object. When the flux begins to sizzle, wrap the seam with the proper solder. The solder would melt onto the pipes, leading to the tight connection. Once it cools down, wipe away any excess solder and flux from the pipe. Actually, we can do it side by side to complete the entire process. And congratulations for your accomplishment!
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