Butterfly Valves Automated Ball Valves & V Ball

by:FLOS     2020-04-13
Butterfly ValvesThe Triad Series 700 has a cartridge seat design to alleviate installation problems associated with the dove-tail-design (booted) seats. It has a phenolic backing that keeps the seat from shifting during installation, reducing tearing and fatigue. Precision machining of the disc and body allow the cartridge design to maintain a tighter disc to seat tolerance, providing a perfect low torque seal each and every time the valve is cycled. Triad offers many choices of direct mount electric actuators. These actuators are worm gear driven, eliminating the need for motor brakes. They come standard with manual over-ride and large dial position indicator. They are available in all voltages both AC and DC and come standard with auxiliary limit switches, heaters and thermostats. Options include 4-20ma servo control,position transmitters and local/ remote control stations. Automated Ball ValvesMost every valve is provided with a direct mount ISO 5211 stem and mounting pad. This standard design allows users to direct mount most brands of valve actuators without the need for additional bracket and coupling hardware. This saves time and money and provides a more precise fit of the actuator to ensure long trouble-free cycle life. In addition users of manual Triad valves can easily mount an actuator to the valve at a later date. This design allows us to provide both electric and pneumatic actuators that can be direct mounted with pilot solenoid valves. We offer 4-20 MA or 3-15psi positioners for throttling applications. We offer limit switches with dome indicators to indicate open and close valve positions locally and remotely. V Ball Control ValvesBoth the Triad 9000 Series and 66 Series ball valves are available with a segmented ball option in various degrees of V angle that give countless control valve options in a quarter turn valve. These V-Port ball valves are economical alternatives to expensive linear control valves. Triad combines its proven high cycle pyramidal stem seal with a 50% stainless steel/ 50% PTFE seat design giving years of uninterrupted service. Optional metal seats are offered for higher temperature applications. Both series come with direct mount modulating electric or pneumatic actuators. Metal Seated Ball ValvesTriad Series 9150, 9300, and 66 valves are available with engineered metal seats for today's demanding process conditions. These metal seated valves are suitable for applications with elevated temperatures or highly abrasive conditions. The valves are typically provided with a hard chrome plated 316SS or electro-less nickel plated ball and hard faced Stellite or Alloy 6 seats. The valves are manufactured to Class V shut off. Each valve is designed for each specific application and has a quick delivery time. All valves can be outfitted with either an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuator. Special actuator mounting is designed for high temperature valves, which both isolates and dissipates the process heat that may otherwise cause damage to the actuator.
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