Bathroom Cleaning Standards And Precautions

by:FLOS     2020-07-04
Work includes cleaning the bathroom floor, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, partitions (walls), sanitary ware and other indoor facilities, cleaning and so on, can be divided into a daily routine cleaning and periodic cleansing two kinds. Number of daily routine cleaning of traffic and people in accordance with specific standards, are generally at least once a day cleaning, periodic cleansing plan prepared under specific circumstances, generally weekly, fortnightly or monthly to arrange a. First, the toilet cleaning, standards Ceiling, wall, lighting visual no dust, cobwebs. Visual wall clean, toilet, urinals and other sanitary ware clean and no yellow stains. The room is not smell, odor. The ground was no cigarette butts, scraps of paper, dirt, stagnant water. Second, the daily routine clean bathroom Clean toilet daily routine according to the main content of the ground clean sweep of quality standards, sanitary cleaning, scrubbing and other appliances. Main procedures are as follows: Preparation; Scouring big urinal (slot); Collect waste + Clean, urinal (slot); Clean washing utensils and other facilities; Sweeping the ground for a check and order. Toilet cleaning should generally be 'left to right, top to bottom,' 'from the inside,' in turn, for the individual apparatus for cleaning, shall be outside again after the first period to clean the attachment order. Third, the methods Cleaning the bathroom should generally be arranged in the human traffic at night or early morning small, and other public areas in the property room are cleaned after the start. Procedures and methods as follows: 1. Preparation Prepare the necessary tools and appliances. Such as: broom, mop, Petiole nylon brush, rag, dry towel, overalls, rubber boots, rubber gloves and masks, etc.; preparation of a good cleaning agents and supplies. Such as: toilet water, universal agents, soap, toilet paper, toilet paper, etc.; open the doors and windows, start the exhaust fan for ventilation, placed at the door, cleaning signs. 2. Scouring toilet, urinal Toilet flush valve will open, the thief toilet (tank) in the urine rinse, clip the urinal with cigarette butts and other debris inside the folder out. Pour in the toilet within a specified amount of toilet water, soak a certain time in order to facilitate the effectiveness of playing their best. 3. Collecting waste, cleaning the ground garbage, emptying baskets, and garbage bags after the new ones put back. 4. Cleaning toilets, urinals (slot): turn-by thorough cleaning, including accessories and parts. 5. Clean toilet sets: first with a wet cloth dipped universal agents to clean countertops, sink, faucet, and then wipes cleaned the last traces of water with a dry towel. 6. Clean up mirror: first uniform sprayed clean glass of water, then cleaned with a damp cloth, and finally wipe with a dry towel. 7. Clean towel racks, toilet paper holder, soap tanks, hand dryer, air fresheners racks: generally use a wet rag to clean, remove dust, stains, and finally wipe the stain with a dry towel. 8. Sweeping the ground clean ground first, then wipe with a wet mop floors, if necessary, use the universal cleaning agents, and finally from the inside out, with a dry mop the floor dry delay. 9. Check and order: Clean operation finished, should look around the bathroom again to see if there are missing and not complete the Department, if in time to make them up. And then spraying the right amount of air fresheners, put a Ball in the urinal, check whether it is necessary to add liquid soap, toilet paper and toilet paper. Waste basket on a fixed place, garbage removal, replacement of the garbage bags, and finally packed up the tools and appliances, doors and windows are closed.
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