Baby-Proofing Your House

by:FLOS     2020-05-08
For a curious child, the world or your house can be so big which is the reason why many hazards and accidents might definitely occur. Babies are definitely accident-prone; a reason why one must always be very careful about the things that are lying around inside the house. Fortunately, baby-proofing your house can be achieved by following a few steps. Wires and cords Electrical outlets are also very dangerous if it reachable by the child. Curtains, cords and wires can be very dangerous to a child, especially electrical wires which can also electrocute them. Poisons There are many products that are potentially dangerous for your child as they are the inedible substances such as acidic liquids, chemicals and cleaning products. Another hazardous place you should keep in mind are trash bins, where your child might be interested in going through. Kitchen and cabinets Sharp utensils should also be properly kept away and put in a secure and unreachable container where it is impossible for the child to get it. If your cabinets or furniture doors and drawers aren't closed properly, kids can open them, reach for drugs and sharp objects, or try to hide and be caught inside. Babies and young kids has a huge tendency to pull on anything, such as long table clothes with kitchen ware and hot food. Bedroom and living room Unused bags and tablecloths may be a threat for suffocation so it should be hid away from babies and toddlers. If your baby isn't one year old yet, it is not good to give him or her a pillow because that might hinder their breathing accidentally. Another overlooked potentially hazardous material in the house are the furniture, and you always have to check for sharp corners and to make sure that they are installed on a stable surface to avoid them to topple over. Bathroom Also, never leave a baby inside the bathroom even for a minute to answer the phone; an accident may occur especially if the water is quite high in the tub. There are also other things that you can usually find in the bathroom that may look yummy to baby, such as shampoos, cosmetics, razors, medicines and soaps. These products should be put inside a container and place high above the child's reach. Always secure the lock of the handle of the tub and keep the tub drained. Consequently, the hot water valve should also be in safe mode or safety locked just to avoid any hot water burns. General tips Many harmless things around your house that you haven't notice can cause cuts or cause burns. On top of that, you should also make sure that you close the door properly whenever you go out or switch rooms; you never know whether a child can push on a loosely closed door. Always keep an eye out on the baby and do not let him go out of your sight for a long time. If you put yourself in the baby's shoes and act proactively, you can baby-proof the house. Check the environment of the house and judge by yourself if it is safe for your child to roam around a specific area but remember that even in a baby-proofed environment, babies and toddlers should still be the supervision of an adult.
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