Air Pinch Valves Serve Their Users

by:FLOS     2020-06-22
Meeting User Applications Air Pinch Valves are an established component in many and varied industries, where their contribution is appreciated, by the ability to process materials, liquids, fluids and suspended solids. The valves demanded by industries for many specific purposes, because of their general and rugged construction and ability to operate in adverse conditions and environments. They are a major part of any industrial facility and used in the control of a variety of materials, among which are fluids, abrasives, slurries, corrosive chemicals, materials not always capable of handling by other valve varieties. The high competition factors experienced by all forms of industry induce strict processing controls by users. This in turn reflects the need for Air operated Pinch Valves to perform with assured durability and reliability, in controlling the precise flows required in operations. A critical part of the operating performance of this valve type is the elastomer sleeve located inside the casing. It enables control over the flow of product material, with a bi-directional, drop tight shut-off. The elastomer sleeve, manufactured from flexible compounds, in many instances resembles rubber in composition and texture. Due to the composition of the sleeve being critical to the successful operation of the Pneumatic operated Pinch Valve, users have different options regarding the various types available for specific applications. The nature of the processing product will generally determine the elastomer sleeve selected for a particular operation. A Valve for all Operations Pneumatic Pinch Valves are of a durable construction and therefore ideal for use with the harsh and abrasive slurries of the mining industries. It is a valve also highly used in the extremely demanding wastewater treatment applications. The abilities of this versatile valve are its accuracy in repeatable linear flow control and drop-tight, bi-directional shut-off facility, which makes it an excellent component for the processing and control of sludge and raw sewage. Amongst the hugely varied applications in which the Air operated Pinch Valve performs, are those related to the pulp and paper mills. Included in the most challenging operations for the valve are pulp stock, coatings and re-cycled paper lines. The flexible and abrasive resistant nature of the elastomer sleeve is the major influence in the processing of abrasive materials. The valves are valuable assets in other demanding environments, including food and beverage plants, refineries and the processing of materials such as cement, sand, silica. As they have the capacity for handling lime and ash, Air Pinch Valves play an important role in the power industry. The elastomer sleeve controls the rugged and specific formation and construction of the valve, with its abrasion resistant and self-cleaning abilities. This crucial part is not susceptible to scaling and will not bridge, plug or freeze on slurries. In comparison to other types of valves, this rugged, versatile component can process corrosive chemicals, does not need packing maintenance and is without cavities, seats or cam action to bind an operation.
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