A Thermostatic Mixing Valve is the Best Option

by:FLOS     2020-05-04
If you do not have one of these mixing valves, often you will find when you turn on the hot tap the water will be at reasonable temperature for you to bath, wash or shower but the temperature then gets hotter and hotter to the point it's too hot for use, scalding the skin. A thermostatic mixing valve will provide accurately controlled water for hand-washing, bathing and showering. They maintain pre-set temperatures - even if water pressure varies when other appliances are used, making them the safest option. The reason a thermostatic mixer valve is a great choice is that they store water at a high temperature meaning it prevents the growth of Legionella. A thermostatic mixing valve manufacturer will use a thermostat instead of a static mixing valve. This is safer as it prevents the user from getting scalded, providing user comfort as the hot-water temperature is consistent. Wax thermostats are used for regulation by many thermostatic mixing valve manufacturers. This is because in the event of a hot/cold supply failure, the thermostatic mixer valve will shut down completely to prevent thermal shock or scalding. Storage water temperatures are commonly regulated worldwide to distribute water at a temperature less than 50 degrees Celsius and store water temperature at above 60 degrees Celcius as these temperatures are much safer. Water temperatures above this can cause injury to the user through scalding. A thermostatic mixer valve can be a feature of exposed hot/cold water mixers, part of shower fittings and be fitted under basins and baths. A thermostatic mixing valve manufacturer will be able to fit it for you. The most reliable manufacturers on the market are members of the Thermostatic Mixing Valve Manufacturer Association. The Association was established to ensure the safety of hot water. The thermostatic mixing valveManufacturers Association addresses the issues associated with thermostatic mixing and shower valves. It does this through promoting the benefits of a thermostatic mixing valve, raises awareness of the dangers of scalding and through its forum the Association set up for leading manufacturers to develop products for improved safety. The Association also provides technical and commercial guidance for installers, specifiers, building users and consumers. By purchasing from a leading manufacturer that is part of the Association you can be confident in knowing you will receive a reliable and safe product that will provide safe and consistent water, preventing scalding to the user. It is also beneficial as it helps prevent a breeding ground for harmful organisms such as Legionella.
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