5 Industries That Need a Check Valve Manufacturer

by:FLOS     2020-05-31
A check valve manufacturer is present in a lot of different industries. They must supply the valves for the flow of gases as well as other fluids as necessary to help machines and systems operate on a daily basis to ensure there is the proper flow as well as a system shut down when a pressure change occurs. Without this supplier, many industries would not be able to operate properly. Fuel Industry The fuel industry regularly uses a check valve manufacturer in order to ensure the proper flow of such gases as petroleum, gasoline, jet fuels and bio-diesel. Each of these gases will flow differently through the pipes and then a check valve will be present to ensure there is the ability to stop the flow of gas in the event of a direction change or flow change. This is to ensure gas doesn't end up where it doesn't belong. Chemical industry In the fuel industry, a check valve manufacturer will supply a large number of excess flow valves to ensure chemicals are flowing throughout the plant. In many cases, there are such chemicals as general solvent and industrial chemicals flowing through the pipes. There may then be multiple types of valves along the way to help with pressure and flow changes. Ultimately, the valves must be a rugged construction to ensure they are unable to break down based on the acidity of the chemical, which would otherwise render the valve useless. Food Processing Industry The food processing industry depends upon a check valve manufacturer to supply them with ball check valves and other valves to help with the flow of chemicals as well as food products such as liquid sugars, soybean oil, corn syrup, shortenings and other foods. These may travel through some pipes and excess flow valves into other systems to help the overall production of food. While the valves may not be used in the end area of food processing, they are commonly used to help deliver the ingredients from one area to another without causing any back-ups in the system. Fertilizer Industry The fertilizer industry also uses a check valve manufacturer for different valves. This includes the factories where the production of fertilizer, pesticides, chlorinated solvents and other products are made as well as within irrigation systems. The size of the valves in this industry can vary significantly as can the actual design. Most of these are automatic, though there are the kinds that can be switched off with a lever, giving the person controlling the machine the ability to close the valve and prevent the flow of a product without waiting for a change in flow or pressure. Paint Industry The paint industry is another one that requires the products of a check valve manufacturer. From paints to inks and acetones, the industry needs to ensure there is only a specific amount of pressure in the pipes along with the paint.
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