4 Types Of Towel Rails You Must Consider Buying

by:FLOS     2020-06-16
Many times, people spend huge sums to get a design to improve the state of their bathrooms but they forget some vital accessories, some of which are towel rails. Choosing the right type of these accessories can significantly enhance the luxury of your bathroom. Nevertheless, these items do more than just increase your bathroom's appeal. They heat up your towel to keep it dry and warm as you take a shower or bath. Many people buy their towel rails online, since doing so is much more convenient. Before you buy one, you need to choose the right type, and here are the options: Types of rails A� Towel rails with overhead racks - These rails are very advanced, and they come with a radiator valve, electric and hydronic warmers. One great advantage with this type is that you can dry your lingerie or other small-clothes that you can wash during your shower. You can either hang them or dry them directly. Make sure to attach securely the rack supports to the studs. A� Combination towel radiator and warmer - This is item is a combination of a towel rail and a radiator. You connect this item to your hot water supply just as you would a radiator. The towel radiator warmer is continuously on so your towel will always be warm, dry and free of harmful mold. Additionally installing this accessory frees up much space since it replaces the old bulky radiator. A� Hydronic towel warmer - The hydronic towel warmer uses electricity to run. When you turn it on, electricity warms up a thick gel fluid in the racks to dry and warm your towel. During this process, the heated warm gel rises and flows in the horizontal bars as the cool gel goes to the bottom. A tiny pump that is usually installed in the warm assists in this process. The rail functions continuously. A� Electric towel rails - It is the most simplest and common type of towel warmer. The installation process is easy and it can simply hang from a wall near an electrical source. To turn it on, you just press the switch on and it is ready to go. These rails are suitable in temporary residences such as in college dorms o rented apartments. They are cheap and easily accessible. It is clear that the rails come in different types and designs. To enjoy the benefit of this item, it is important to choose suitably.
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