4 Tips To Select The Best Radiator Valve For Your Bathroom

by:FLOS     2020-06-15
Nothing makes the bath process better than having a warm towel waiting after emerging from the shower or bath. Having a heated towel rail is perfect for those who are looking for the ideal atmosphere. The rails keep the towels warm, while also drying them, which is great for hygiene. Damp towels provide the ideal environment for germs and bacteria in the bathroom. There are several factors to consider when shopping for the rails: 1. Power source You need to consider the power source before you choose a Radiator Valve. The different models in the market are powered using different sources. You can choose between electric or plumbed-in rails depending on your budget and your needs. The plumbed-in models that are connected to the central heating system tend to be cheaper than the electric ones. They are also more effective and are easier to use and they only work when the central heating system is on. The electric models work independently from the system and are ideal where there is no central heating. They tend to be more costly and they can be switched on and off as needed. There are also dual fuel models, which can be operated by both the central heating system and electricity. 2. Control switch The best rails to install are those that have a control switch that can be turned off when not in use. These rails are fuel-efficient, as they do not have to be on all the time. This helps to reduce the energy bill. They come in different designs and the location of the switch will differ depending on the model that you choose. 3. Size and style You should make sure that the design you choose suits the bathroom. The towel warmers come in different sizes and styles and you need to choose the size that will best fit in your bathroom. The size of your bathroom will decide the best model. They also come in different materials that will enhance the look of any bathroom. 4. Installation and position For the rails to be effective, they have to be installed properly and in the right place. This is a job for professionals. The bars need to be fitted and arranged correctly to make sure effectiveness. If you do not have alternative heating in the bathroom, you can choose a model that has an integrated radiator to heat the room. There are many types of heated rails in the market and some of the most popular ones are made to enhance the decor of the bathroom. You can find a range of Towel Rails Online.
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