3 Times an Excess Flow Check Valves Can Save the Day

by:FLOS     2020-06-07
There are a number of reasons why excess flow check valves are used. In many cases, they are used as a precaution more than anything else. Particularly in certain industries where there are fuel lines or other chemicals, it's important that these aren't leaked into areas where they don't belong. An excess flow check valve in the right area has saved a dangerous major spill on mote than one occasion. When used correctly, they can prevent releases, prevent safety hazards and help protect the environment plus saving a company a significant amount of money!. Rupture When there is a rupture in a loading or transfer line, it can be disastrous. Especially with flammable, high vapor pressure materials a line or hose rupture could mean that hazardous liquids will escape. Excess flow check valves can save the day because these devices will notice the change of pressure and cut the flow of gas or other fluid so that it's no longer flowing through the pipe at the point of the rupture. The flow will not resume until the pressure has equalized, which won't be possible until the pipe or hose has been fixed. Disconnection Workers are not always paying attention to the full system. They may disconnect something without realizing there is a flow of fluid going from one area to another. If there has been a disconnection in the line, the flow check valves will sense the pressure change and the disc valve will close, preventing further passage of the fluid. Line Break Line breaks happen. Unfortunately, the break may not be sensed immediately. As a result, product can be spilled, causing a possible explosive condition, personnel safety hazards, contamination issues and much more. Flow shutoff devices will prevent a major release from occurring. The line break will cause a pressure change and therefore the valve will close, preventing a flow where there is a break in the line. What can happen? Why on earth could a release occur? 'We check and double check and have checklists and safety reviews!' Yet chemical releases do occur and the causes when loading or unloading are myriad: Hose fittings can pop loose, hose connectors fail, worn hoses rupture, traffic can puncture a hose, a truck or car can be inadvertently moved, a pipe fitting can burst, an operator ac an just disconnect the line in error, a pipe can rupture from accumulated wear and corrosion! Protect employees, assets, the environment - use excess flow check valves.
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